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    Studio Rules   


2 HOURS minimum booking time

48+ HOURS in advance (HIGHLY preferred)

$20 non-refundable deposit (pay for first hour = guaranteed time-slot)

CALL-IN (same day) bookings are available to returning Clients (depending on availability)

CANCELLATIONS must be 24+ hours in advance to apply the deposit to a new booking



RECORDING - $20/hr including an engineer ($35/hr mixing included)   

MIXING - $40+ (depending on complexity/number of tracks)

2 HOUR SINGLE SPECIAL - $60 Recording + Mixing (flat rate, 2hr max session time)

VIDEO PRODUCTION - Rate dependent on project requirements. (Music Videos start at $160)

PROJECTS/BUNDLES - Custom package pricing available upon request



RECORDING ONLY - Full payment required prior to the start of the recording session

MIXING ONLY - 50% with delivery of tracks, 50% prior to delivery of final mix  

RECORDING AND MIXING - 50% prior to recording, 50% prior to delivery of final mix  

Cash preferred, Paypal accepted



Missing a scheduled session without notifying RLM (2+ hours prior to session), will result in the deposit requirement being raised to $30 of for any future sessions.  

Your second “no call no show” will be the LAST session you book with RLM.



Setup time is part of the billed session.  (Please email/transfer instrumental tracks upon booking and paying the deposit so that the session can be setup in Pro Tools ahead of time, for free).



Downtime caused by RLM supplied software/hardware issues will not be billed and may be made up at the end of the session (if available), or credited toward a future session.  

Downtime caused by Client hardware/software issues is NOT reimbursable, (this includes connectivity issues between your gear and our gear).



The engineer will break for 10 minutes every 2 hours to alleviate ear fatigue.  This time is part of the billed recording session.

Clients are free to break whenever they please, but this time is still part of the billed session.


OVER/UNDER BOOKING: (Finishing early/needing more time)

Studio time is billed in half hour increments.  Additional studio time at the end of a session is dependent on scheduling and is not guaranteed.

0-30 MINUTES = $10

31-60 MINUTES = $20



ALL FILES and storage media related to a particular project shall remain the property of RLM until full payment has been received.  

DELIVERABLES (mixes, recorded audio, etc), are transferred via Google Drive or  through Client-provided hard drives and flash drives. Clients are ONLY entitled to the specific Deliverables reflected on their invoice.  

UPON COMPLETION and final delivery of your project, RLM is no longer obligated to retain your project files.  Please make arrangements for any desired backup/storage.



There is NO cigarette smoking in the studio. You may smoke outside, but please do not leave butts, ashes, or matches on the ground.



It is preferred that only those working on the project are in the studio.  Due to space limitations, we require that guests be kept to a minimum. Clients are fully responsible for their guests.


RLM is NOT responsible for any Client property.

Any damage to RLM property caused by clumsiness, horseplay, negligence, intoxication, or other rule violations will result in the Client being invoiced for the cost of replacement equipment.

Thunderbolt Interface:Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

8ch Mixer: Tascam FW-1884

Mics: Shure SM-7B, Shure SM57, AKG Perception 200

Mic Pre: Golden Age Pre-73 Mk II

Sampler: Roland MV-8800

Software Controllers: Akai MPD226, M-Audio Axiom 49, Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Software: Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Serato, Adobe Creative Cloud

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